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Sibiu was founded around (1200dc) by the Saxons of Transylvania. It takes over the centuries an important commercial and strategic role as being one of the crossroads of eastern to the west Europe. Like Sighisoara and other cities of the period still has large tracts of the Middle Ages with its historic buildings and its fortifications.

Over the centuries, Sibiu is also established itself as a city of special events for Romania, as evidenced by the following historical facts:

  • In 1292 was opened the oldest hospital in Romania and in 1380 the first documented school.
  • In 1534 was opened the first paper industry.
  • In 1788 the first theater and in 1817 and the first museum (Museo Bruckental) that can still be visited today.

in science instead:

    • In 1551 Conrad Haas, the Austrian military engineer he studied and performed the first experiments on rockets for military applications.
    • In 1671, around Sibiu were first discovered natural gas fields in the country.
    • In 1782, Franz Joseph Müller von Reichenstein in Sibiu discovered a hitherto unknown chemical element, tellurium.
    • In 1797, Samuel Hahnemann in Sibiu opened the first homeopathic laboratory in the world.
    • In 1896, Sibiu was the first city in Romania to use electricity and in 1904 was the second city in Europe to have a tram line to power.

Finally, for the year 2007, he served as the capital of European culture.

The main tourist attractions are the historic center with its two squares (Piata mare and Piata mica) where there are the most important historic buildings and museum Bruckental.

Another important site is the ASTRA National Museum, concentrated on the ethnography and folklore of Romanian civilization. This one is situated in a wooded area of ​​96 acres south of the city and it is home of the Museum of civilization with examples of rural buildings, furniture and tools, an ethnographic museum, a Museum of Transylvanian culture and a Museum of Saxon traditions.

Near Sibiu (about 35km) Paltinis is one of the largest ski resorts in Romania, while in the nearby village of Ocna Sibiului known since the days of the Holy Roman Empire (1600) as a health resort there are several care facilities saline.

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