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Biertan nearby Sighisoara is the most important of the fortified villages of Transylvania and preserves an imposing saxons cathedral . Importance for the town was the seat of the Lutheran bishop in Transylvania for three centuries, from 1572.

The church and fort were built in 1500 and is an example of one of the best defenses ever made in Transylvania. The walls of the fort have eight towers and form a spiral from the religious building. The church, in turn, is surrounded by three concentric circles.

Each tower present in the fort had its own function, for example, there was the tower that served as a prison, the clock tower, the tower of the artisans, the Town Hall Tower, the towers of the entrance.

In modern times, after the Second World War and the end of communism, Biertan as other towns in Romania has seen many people emigrate and currently remains a rural village with its historic site.

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