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Sighisoara  is considered the most picturesque and well preserved inhabited medieval  citadel in Europe. Populated since the twelfth century by the Saxons of  Transylvania, they have realized the fortifications to defend the frontier from the Turkish invasions of Hungary. Sighisoara has preserved in an exemplary way  the architectural features of the medieval period and for this is also counted by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.




The  main points of interest are:

  • The Clock Tower, 64 meters high, which is also the symbol of the
    city, built in 1556 and houses of a historical museum.
  • The cathedral on the hill with many frescoes and a crypt. Outwardly,
    it is also a Saxon cemetery.
  • The famous covered stairway to get to the church on the hill is
    also another very recognized symbol of the city.
  • The museum of arms rich in finds of weapons of the medieval
  • The building birthplace of Vlad Tepes (1431-1476), better known
    as Dracula, where now his houses is a restaurant.

Other important event is the Medieval Festival which is held every year in July and collects a very large number of tourists.

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