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General Dentistry for adults and children

General Dentistry for patients all ages from Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, France and more.

After buying equipment of new generation for dentistry treatment, Dentalest can offer you the following and main procedures, such as professional hygiene, odontotherapy, endodontic treatments with the maximum comfort level for the patient and also guaranteeing a high quality and long lasting results.

To replace the missing teeth, we can recommend various prosthetic treatments: starting from prosthesis of various types to complex oral restorations using dental crowns or dental bridges which are made with the finest materials and recent cad/cam technology, such as emax ceramics or zirconia with superlative effects from an aesthetic and functional point of view.

But above all, at Dentalest, the main objective remains patients' healthy lifestyle, based on a correct diet with less sugar and frequent dental hygiene. Using of dental floss and oral mouth wash together with regular prophylaxis sessions at the dentist, are the best way of prevention.


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