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Salt mine and Turda’s Gorges

The salt deposit formed over 13 million years ago is a sediment on which it develops most of Transylvania territory and is located on the west side of the whole region as in low-lying areas as the territory of Turda. The first documented information on the saline Turda dates back to 1271 and since then the salt mining has developed until 1932.

The surface of the deposit of Turda measures approximately 45km for a depth of 1200m.

Over the years it has been discovered that the saline environment is particularly beneficial in the treatment of respiratory diseases due to a constant temperature of 10-12 degrees and humidity of 75-80% and also thanks to the optimal concentration of aerosols.

Between 2008 and 2010, with funding from the European Community the old salt underground cave has been modernized creating several attractions, including a concert hall, a Ferris wheel, sports facilities with a miniature golf course and a bowling. In the deepest cave there is a small lake of several hundred feet in circumference, on which was built an artificial pier. From there, visitors can hire a boats for rowing.

This hidden world is definitely worth a visit!

To complete the tourist picture there are Turda’s Cheile Turzii (gorges of Turda) a natural rock canyon carved by the river Hăşdate and originated in the Neolithic.

The place is also one of the  major climbing stes in Romania.

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