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Is the technique of filling the wrinkles and the augmentation of lips volume using biocompatible absorbable substances, in particular hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally produced by the human body. This technique consists in infiltrations which are absolutely not invasive,painless and without scars. In about a few minutes of treatment, the result obtained varies from 6

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Whitening Dentalest thanks to the use of  professional bleaching product, allows to obtain visible results  in a single session, that can maintained  at least 2 years. Veneers and crowns Is possible to operate on  teeth with metal free crowns and veneers: small actions that by modeling the shape of your teeth, gives you a natural

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Dentalest, using innovative techniques and instrumentation, offers to their patients following oral surgery services: Included tooth extractions and root residue; Extraction of teeth in cases of dental crowding for proper orthodontic treatment; Incision and abscesses removal; Removal of cysts and small tumors from the oral cavity; Plastic and reconstruction of the gums and bone with

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Implantology It was created as a branch of oral surgery and deals with the replacement of the roots of natural teeth by mechanical devices called implants. The implants, which are formed by titanium screws, forms a stable and resistant bond with the bone tissue where they are installed. Wreaths will be installed on these systems

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Oral hygiene – Igienă Orală

Oral hygiene and Prevention Main actions and procedures performed during a professional oral hygiene session by  Dentalest: Ablation of tartar: tartar removal present on tooth surface and the gingival area. Scaling and rooth planning: removal of sub gingival tartar in periodontal pockets. This removal is carried out in depth and usually is performed under local anesthesia; Polish:

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