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Oral hygiene – Igienă Orală

Oral hygiene – Igienă Orală

Oral hygiene and Prevention

Main actions and procedures performed during a professional oral hygiene session by  Dentalest:

Ablation of tartar: tartar removal present on tooth surface and the gingival area.

Scaling and rooth planning: removal of sub gingival tartar in periodontal pockets. This removal is carried out in depth and usually is performed under local anesthesia;

Polish: Polishing of tooth surfaces using prophylaxis paste.

Airflow: for removal of dental stains.

Besides a proper dental hygiene done at home a professional oral hygiene done periodically is the best way to prevent the occurrence of caries and periodontal diseases, while keeping healthy teeth and gums.

Dentalest wants to raise awareness among their patients in the importance of leading a healthy diet that limits foods high in sugar. A diligent oral hygiene after each meal, the use of dental floss and mouthwash, a campaign of regular sessions of hygiene contribute to the best prevention.

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