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Is the technique of filling the wrinkles and the augmentation of lips volume using biocompatible absorbable substances, in particular hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally produced by the human body.

This technique consists in infiltrations which are absolutely not invasive,painless and without scars.

In about a few minutes of treatment, the result obtained varies from 6 to 8 months.

The filler provides very succesfull results also in treating skin depressions (cheekbones, sunken eyes and scars) and is absolutely safe, Since the product used is biocompatible and prevents the risk of rejection or complications caused by allergy.











Dentalest relies on the product line of Surgiderm® By Allergan for the application of the filler.

Surgiderm® is a 100% absorbable, secure, stable and long lasting, suitable for filling all imperfections of peri- oral zone and facial. Surgiderm® is the professional solution for doctors and patients to ensure maximum satisfaction in a field like dentistry, where aesthetics and function come together successfully.
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