It was created as a branch of oral surgery and deals with the replacement of the roots of natural teeth by mechanical devices called implants.

The implants, which are formed by titanium screws, forms a stable and resistant bond with the bone tissue where they are installed. Wreaths will be installed on these systems to substitute normal teeth. This allow to correct all situations where patients are devoid of teeth, this due to trauma, aesthetic reasons or prosthesis problems.

Dentalest operates the following methodology for your implant treatment:

Diagnosis stage – radiographic analysis (panoramic) to determine the treatment plan and costs. This consultation and the quotation may also be made online.

Implants insertion stage – The patient’s jaw is prepared through a surgical intervention. The mouth bone will be drilled and the screws are inserted. After this phase each implants screw is closed with a cap and the patient will spend a healing period to allow the ligation of the bone with the metal. In some cases is needed to add artificial bone to create the appropriate installation base of the crown that will be mounted.

Assembly teeth stage – When the zone will be healed at a distance of at least 4-6 months after surgery, permanent installations can be mounted. An impression will be performed and the crowns that will be made of ceramic material will seem like your teeth. These will be the best solution for replacing missing teeth or to support other bridges or dentures.

Main advantage of implantology:

  • Restoration of normal masticatory function, which becomes equal to that of natural teeth, causing digestive and nutritional benefits.
  • Maintaining the integrity of the adjacent teeth to the toothless area, avoiding to insert a prosthesis and devitalise healthy teeth.
  • The maintenance of normal facial muscle function, with recovery of a more youthful and natural facial appearance.
  • The absence of gingival inflammation and pain related to instability of the prosthesis if is not adequate to the mouth.
  • Increased confidence in speaking and smiling.
  • Long-term solution and a guarantee of success of over 95% of patients.
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